New Universal Single LNB For Sky


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New Universal Single LNB For Sky / Freesat Zone 1 & Zone 2 Dish


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Brand New Single Output Universal LNB Suitable For Sky Dishes

Original and genuine Sky single LNB for use with Sky satellite dishes. This is the original Sky single LNB as fitted to MK3 and earlier dishes. If your satellite dish has a completely rectangular LNB support arm then you will need this LNB. The original Sky dish types have rectangular LNB support arms that measurer either 30mm x 20mm for the MK3 version or 25mm x 12mm for the older Grundig and Cambridge dishes. The newer MK4 version has a rectangular support arm that has only 3 sides and the LNB is not suitable for this dish.

Universal LNB

LNB means low noise block, this device receives the transmission from the satellite dish. Your satellite dish focuses the transmission from the satellite to the white end of the LNB. Inside the LNB the high frequencies are reduced in frequency and amplified so that your satellite receiver can understand the transmission.

Failure of the LNB is quite common as it leads a hard life outside in the British weather. Cooling, heating, and water ingress can all lead to failure. There are a few signs of failure which include, no satellite signal present message on your TV screen, intermittent no satellite signal present message and failure to receive some channels completely. It is important however to understand that a poorly aligned satellite dish can also cause these symptoms. Check your dish has not moved. Also check for obstructions in front of your dish, e.g. a tree.

Universal Single LNB For Sky

This universal LNB is the type used by Sky in their installations. It is designed specifically for the Sky dishes as fitted by Sky. You can also use this LNB for any other satellite services that require a universal LNB, not just Sky. The particular type supplied may vary and will be either manufactured by Zinwell or WNC. On some occasions it may be a Thomson type. All these manufacturers specialise in the manufacture of RF components and all are market leaders in this field. No cheap rubbish!! Regardless of the brand of LNB fitted on your dish originally you can replace it with this one.


Suitable for all Sky dishes with the 30mm x 20mm and the 25mm x 12mm  section LNB support arm

Not Suitable For The Newer MK4 Sky Satellite Dish

LNB For Sky / Freesat Zone 1 & Zone 2 Dish

Replacement of this LNB is very simple. No special tools or knowledge are required. You need to undo the F connector from the old LNB, this twists off like a screw. You may need to remove the old rubber boot or cut off any rubber sealing tape that has been fitted on the connector. The next stage is to remove the  plastic pin from the boom arm and the LNB will simply slide out. The new LNB will slide in in place of the old one. The collar supplied should be fitted over the protruding arm of the LNB. Once fitted the LNB is held in place by fitting the new plastic pin through the hole in the boom arm. The next stage is to thread the rubber boot, if fitted, over your cable and then connect the F connector to the LNB connector. Once tightened push the rubber boot up and into the  LNB. 


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