Brand New NETGEAR AC/DC 12V 1.5A Power Supply Adaptor 3 PIN UK Plug

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This is a genuine Netgear product that will serve as a replacement to their original adapter.

This is one of the more powerful netgear power supplies and outputs 12v 1.5a.  This covers many of the home routers supplied with a plug top power supply.   It also works to replace lower amped  Netgear 12v psu’s like 0.8A or 1A.

We sell good quality compatible power supplies, but if you can use an original product there is usually less chance of encountering any issues.

This adapter has the typical 5.5mm x 2.1mm center positive netgear connector that fits nearly all of their routers.

The type of adapter is the switch mode type which is lightweight, accurate and provides regulated voltage.

* Model AD6612

* Part: 332-10115-03
* 1.5m Lead Length
* Output: 12v DC 1.5A
* Input: 100 – 240v 50/60hz 350mA
* Center Positive Connector
* Netgear branded
* Over voltage protection
* CE marked and Rohs Certified parts for quality and safety.
* 1 year Warranty


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